Friday, 27 March 2009


Next Saturday, we head off to Brightlingsea fer Sophsation 2009. Sophies birthday bash. Brightlingsea is a town I aint been to in a looooong time. 4th April. If ya wanna come along, well then ya darn well must.see ya then

Chinnor Pic

A pic from t'other night down the Rock the Pavillion night.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Chinnor tomorrow

Tomorrow we're heading down to headline in Chinnor. Its a new night setup by Orsum Events and Crash Records. Always happy and excited when I hear new promoters poppin up all over the place. Well, Crash have been doing their very successful thang for quite a while, but Orsum is new to me at least.

Hoping for good night sprinkled with cherries. See ya then.

The other bands playing are Slapdash, Terrorfret and One last dance off. I only know Slapdash who we've played with at the Swan. They're a high epoxy resin of a ska outfit always worth a watch.

Subsiren Boot Pics

So the other night at Subsiren was a killer. Packed to the ceiling, bar running out of drinks, it was a squeeze. Felt like a little old revolution in Aylesbury going down. 1877 were stunning and I think I even spotted Steve dancing. We kinda just did a jammin thang whilst member of PBE kept jumpin on stage. Bodies bouncing. Sweaty.
Bumped into quite a few who are kicking themselves that they didn't come. Kinda feels like Subsiren is doing the business. Cheers to all who came down.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Subsiren - next Friday

Next Friday all hell breaks loose down the Hop Pole.

Subsiren is gearing up for the next chapter. Might even have projectors schoon. Ooooh.

So anywhooo, Subsiren next friday is going to Bootstrap and 1877 with Crescendo. Mongoloid rock and roll inferno.

See you then.

Friday Feb 27th
Hop Pole

Monday, 16 February 2009

Sweet Sixteen

Beating the Dark Knight, Meryl Streep, Barret Homes Obama and High School Musical 8...

Bootstrap came sixteenth in the Sound of Confusions favourate songs of last year. Go Wildcats, yeah!

I'm listenin to Kev's show at the moment, and its good as ever. Listen here. Check the poll here.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Saturate Sunday

This Sunday
(Feb 15th)
right after Antiques Roadshow
The Swan, Thame

Suite up, boot up and tumble down to the Swan at Thame. We will be curling strings a frenzy and playing bonafidle rockle roll salad.

It free, its 8 or 9pm, something like that
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