Friday, 27 March 2009


Next Saturday, we head off to Brightlingsea fer Sophsation 2009. Sophies birthday bash. Brightlingsea is a town I aint been to in a looooong time. 4th April. If ya wanna come along, well then ya darn well must.see ya then

Chinnor Pic

A pic from t'other night down the Rock the Pavillion night.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Chinnor tomorrow

Tomorrow we're heading down to headline in Chinnor. Its a new night setup by Orsum Events and Crash Records. Always happy and excited when I hear new promoters poppin up all over the place. Well, Crash have been doing their very successful thang for quite a while, but Orsum is new to me at least.

Hoping for good night sprinkled with cherries. See ya then.

The other bands playing are Slapdash, Terrorfret and One last dance off. I only know Slapdash who we've played with at the Swan. They're a high epoxy resin of a ska outfit always worth a watch.

Subsiren Boot Pics

So the other night at Subsiren was a killer. Packed to the ceiling, bar running out of drinks, it was a squeeze. Felt like a little old revolution in Aylesbury going down. 1877 were stunning and I think I even spotted Steve dancing. We kinda just did a jammin thang whilst member of PBE kept jumpin on stage. Bodies bouncing. Sweaty.
Bumped into quite a few who are kicking themselves that they didn't come. Kinda feels like Subsiren is doing the business. Cheers to all who came down.
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