Friday, 21 November 2008

Harrold Juana - fuzzy n free

Allo, Just before I head off down to the Blues Loft fer ze Sound Check. Thought I'd point out a vid thats popped up on Youtube of Tim's old band Harrold Juana. It was a band of multiple Tims and if yer wondering which Tim is our Tim is? He's the one sitting down banging stuff.

Monday, 17 November 2008

I gotta 100 watts with yer name on it

If the last band ya saw was five bones short of bona fide, well don't fret baby, you might just dig it.

Bootstrap are heading down to London's Rhythm Factory on Wednesday.

It is the Bubble Club night and I hear its going to be a sweat stoked sixties lozenge of DJs and us.

Rhythm Factory
16-18 Whitechapel Rd.London E1-1EW

We be on earlish before second DJ set around about 9!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Nags Head Blues Loftiness

Here be Kerry's latest poster our upcoming Wycombe gig. Finally they got the Nags Head Blues Loft all insulated and cozy and approved and bonafide. The Clash, Muddy Waters, hundreds others all played up there and Genesis got booed off. Can't wait. Last time we played downstairs and it was heavin, we're making the grade and moving on up the stairs. Jazzed about this one.

Its on November 21st. Starting 8-9ish. Ve shall see. You is invited.

subsiren pictorial record

Doing a band or being involved in putting on a night, you're often kind of trying to gauge how well the nights gone. One thing I've noticed is if ya got it right and you're doing the dirty and the crowds a swinging. The one thing you won't see is a hundred camera phones flickering. If people are kind a bored or not connected, they start flicking them out for something to do.

Subsiren is really doing the dirty and well the evidence is pretty much null so I took some photos the other night to kinda show whats happenin.

The Pale Blue Eyes
Lou Barrabas

Yes sir, this was Aylesbury rockin the other night. Recognise it?
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