Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Sound of Confusion Interview

Tibbles transcribed some of the interview between me n Kev on the Sound of Confusion show. Well, here it be...

And also its my pleasure to announce I’m joined by Delmondo Fox from Bootstrap tonight. You may remember them from such Sound of Confusion classics as Cecille, Englands Dead and Marylou. You alright Delmondo?



Mighty Fine

Good! Gonna give us a couple of tunes later?

Yeah Definitely.

Being a bass player, you’ve turned up with a five string guitar there?

Well, I’m gonna progress onto six strings shortly after the show.

Excellent. You’ve been having trouble with your G-string on the way down. Quite literally, that’s me not doing a silly gag.

It was kinda sounding like a wedgie.

Right. OK….is it all sorted now.

Its gonna hum

Right. We’ve had a question in for you from a Tim. Where do you get the names for all yer band members from because his daughter would like to know?

I get em off crisp packets.

Crisp packets?

The ingredients.

Right. OK…

If its below 60% I usually don’t consider it as a good band name but above 60% its good.

Fair enough then…if anyone else has got any questions, get in touch…you gonna give us a tune now then?


What are you going to play?

Well this ones called All Aboard. Which ummm., you know Paul. When we were doing the Camel Rock festival we were having a lot of trouble getting here. We lost our drummer to New Zealand who later got replaced by Tim. And I landed my car in the ditch and had a whole load of problems. I was on the phone to Paul every night and decided to write a song about it…

[All Aboard]

Got another question for you Delmondo! Is it true you look like Johnny Depp? That’s from Tania, thought it might be somebody you knew.

Yeah Tania and me are intimate friends. Only she would know.

Yeah, alright. So. Is it true you look like Johnny Depp?

Well I like to consider Johnny looks like me.

That’s probably a better way of looking at it.

It’s the better way. He’s an actor. He’s just getting in character all the time.

Yeah. Basically. Well obviously. In the Pirates of the Caribbean films he’s based his character on Keith Richards apparently.

Yeah. Who also looked to me for influence?

Of course he did. That’s why he plays a five string guitar like you do.


As we discussed earlier.

Though he knocked out the wrong string

Alright. Fair dooz…..Do you want some questions then? Alice would like to know when you’re albums gonna come out and how we can get hold of it.

Well some of you might know who read the blog is that the album is supposed to be out. But when it was delivered by the manufacturers we got a 1000 cds of german reggae.

That’s brilliant

Its not brilliant.

German reggae. That sounds amazing.

Its an impressive story but it was like god dang.

So is there some german reggae band that’s like got a 1000 Bootstrap cds or something?

Yeah! They’re probably chuffed to the moon. Coz they haven’t sent them to me yet.

What else have we got? Emily would like to know what your favourite colour is? Which is an imaginative question.


Whats yer favourite colour?

Colour? No, I’m stuck on the word calorie.

Calorie? Whats yer favourite calorie? Yeah that’s a far more interesting question.

I reckon around 165




Which is probably turquoise.

Right OK.

You were teaching me all about turquoise the other day.

I was…I was teaching you about the shades of the sea. Coz you don’t get much sea in Aylesbury.

Not a lot. It has to be really high tide to reach Aylesbury.

Thats it fer now...There's more interview somewhere and we've got the live recordings now from the show, which we'll put up in the future somehow for y'all. Cheers to all who phoned in.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Spacelines - Sonic Sounds for Subterraneans

Kind of since Tarantino it seems compilation albums have got a little more credit. You got the re-release of Nuggets, Back from the Grave, Wes Anderson soundtracks, Chess Recordings, Field Recordings, those free ones with Mojo and Uncut. Ze list goes on. And they're all good, because they all kind of a personal view of what would make a great mix tape is. They should really be in a seperate section to The Greatest Shite Songs...whenever or whatever. But they're not, which I kinda dig too.

So when I acidentally stole this cd off Kev, I knew it would be good but it kind of blew me away. Its assembled by Sonic Boom out of Spacemen 3 and its dazzlin.

What seems to tie it down together is soul. Every song has production which just focus's on getting the soul of the band across. And each of these songs is just burstin with character.

I don't know when it came out or whether you can still get it but get it ya should.


1- This may be the last time - Staples Singers 2- You dont care - Bo Diddley 3- Sun Arise - Rolf Harris 4- Transparent radiation - Red Crayola 5- Angels + Devils - Sun Ra 6- Denomination blues - Washington Phillips 7- I'm so glad - Jesse Mae Hemphill 8- Needed Time - Lightning Hopkins 9- Please Stay - The Cryin' Shames 10- She’s Coming Home – Wailers 11- Stay - The Zodiacs 12- Can’t Let Go - Evie Sands 13- Crawdaddy Simone - Syndicats 14- Elevator Operator - The Rays 15- Perfidia - Xavier Cugat 16- It was I - Fantastic Baggies 17- Firebird - The White Noise 18- True love will find you in the end - Daniel Johnston 19- Just one time - Juicy Lucy 20- I take it that were thru - The Riot Squad 21- Psychic hitlist victim no 8 - Honolulu Mountain Daffodils 22- Witchdoctor - John Mayall 23- Ramblin’ Rose - MC5

London! Come harvest the Spice of Life, this Friday

In a world of lawlessness. In a world of broken dreams. In a word of spelling mistakes.

In a time of venues popping off the calendars & into the history books, a new sprig springs forth.

The Spice of Life, just off Tottenham Court Road. Run by Substance

If yer looking for it, its the pub next to that theatre that had on les miserables for years.

This is news of goodness. And Bootstrap be down there this Friday bashing it out with The Twice and Les Oeufs. It gonna be crackin. I've been down there before for a acoustic sessions but know they gonna rip n rock it up. I rekon it'll make a great little ole venue.

Friday, 13 June 2008

The last time I was excited about a record coming out...

The last time I was excited about a record coming out...

Was, I dunnow. I really can't remember. But now I am. The point is this, I've heard one track off it and it floored me. Its Cement Mixer by the mighty Jim Jones Revue. You can check it out here. I hope but doubt it'll make people delete Ting Tings from their etch a sketches but in the little world of garage bands, its gonna shake things up.

You see a modern day rock n roll band is great live, hard to beat. But producing a recording which rocks as hard as it does live is daunting. The White Stripes are probably the best at it, but they're a two piece, and the raconteurs recordings don't quite cut it. Don't get me started on how tinny and flat Foo Fighter records are. Recording a full band which will be as bold as computer driven sound bending machines or great as it is live was just not an option. Rock n Roll bands stick to vinyl and sound like Sonics, Stones, Led Zep etc....

Its not the bands, its the recording, just listen to the Jim Jones demos side by side with cement mixer and you can hear it. The recording just blows anything away you put near it. It oozes. Drips. Rumbles. It sounds huge. They've cracked it. Its a frickin call to arms and gosh darn it i'm signing up.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

DJ Delmondo van der Fox, at Subsiren tommorrow

I'll be spinning at 45rpm at tomorrows Subsiren night at the Hop Pole. I'm jazzed to see what Atomic Suplex are gonna do. See ya there.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Bootstrap dug the Melting Pot

Bootstrap dug the Melting Pot night on Saturday. So did baby Jesus. Happy birthday AD.

Friday, 6 June 2008

On the Road

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Melting Pot - Jericho Tavern Party on Saturday

This saturday, June 7th, we be shuffling on down to the Jericho Tavern for Ads birthday bonzai bonanza of the melting pot. Its gonna have that party vibe on the night I reckon. There's at least two birthdays including mine. Helium Soul releasing their new cut, curious to hear it. Bloke will be there grinnin wild. And The Dirty Tricks from Norwich tourin their way through Oxford.

Plus we'll be wired from watching the Dirtbombs.

Prepare thy marigolds Oxford irregulars.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dirtbombs tomorrow

The Dirtbombs. Damn these guys are sweet. They travelling halfway round the Globe from Detroit on a paddleboat to play on my birthday at ULU. The Dirtbombs are mighty.

I reckon thats why they got two drummers and bassist, just to help with the paddlin.

If they got any energy left and feel like playing the old Gories I think I've had it, I might even help em paddle back.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Cheerio Bo

Monday, 2 June 2008

Subsiren III - Friday 13th - Hop Pole - Aylesbury

Next Subsiren gig be on Friday 13th June. Its gonna be at the Hop Pole this time. We're kinda movin as the other place had some sound checking issues (i.e. none) for the bands. Will it work? Well the Hop Pole has a history of rocking nights and the current landlord wants to get things rocking again. And Got a good line up o bands.

Treecreeper - Wendover -Think Dinosaur Jr and feedback-soaked melancholia.
Atomic Suplex - London - Crazy garage emperor penguins promoting their 7"
Mark Knight and the Witches - Reading - Just damn diddly doodly good.

2 Gallons of Gonzo

So they go and release a wild n restless book on me which I'm still devouring about Dr Hunter S Thompson. Its all his photos and stuff from whenever to not so long a go. It is beautiful and mighty.

Now they go and release a film too? Excited, well kind of.


It smells of a gonzo love letter which is kinda ok. Thus proving there aint no-one like him. I'd prefer a reckless dangerous roadkill movie of the man but if ya in a pub you gonna drink.
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