Saturday, 21 February 2009

Subsiren - next Friday

Next Friday all hell breaks loose down the Hop Pole.

Subsiren is gearing up for the next chapter. Might even have projectors schoon. Ooooh.

So anywhooo, Subsiren next friday is going to Bootstrap and 1877 with Crescendo. Mongoloid rock and roll inferno.

See you then.

Friday Feb 27th
Hop Pole

Monday, 16 February 2009

Sweet Sixteen

Beating the Dark Knight, Meryl Streep, Barret Homes Obama and High School Musical 8...

Bootstrap came sixteenth in the Sound of Confusions favourate songs of last year. Go Wildcats, yeah!

I'm listenin to Kev's show at the moment, and its good as ever. Listen here. Check the poll here.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Saturate Sunday

This Sunday
(Feb 15th)
right after Antiques Roadshow
The Swan, Thame

Suite up, boot up and tumble down to the Swan at Thame. We will be curling strings a frenzy and playing bonafidle rockle roll salad.

It free, its 8 or 9pm, something like that

Patricks exhibition shingdingaling

Last Monday grooved on down to the Queens Park Arts Centre for Patricks exhibition to do a little gig. We did a little set of bluesy numbers and then as if by Mr. Benn's magic the whole of the Pale Blue Eyes turned up so we got em to play a few tunes. Sounding great acoustic, relaxed, soulful and controlled. I've heard a little of their album and is sounding great. Now if they'd just give me a darn copy...

Anyhow, back to the point, Patricks art is bona fide and well worth a gander. And if you do stop by, definatel check out the sketches. Its up for another week or so, if you turn left and flollow this link.

T'other night Subsiren - Glokenspiel

Had another great Subsiren night t'other night. Headlined by Adrian's Glockenspiel who did a great set of sonic marination of technicolour jelly.
To our kind of shock/surprise/happiness/bemusement/glee, loads of people turned up at Hop Pole, even though we hadn't really told anyone it was going on. Barrett's sound system is coming to life, he's found its sweet spot and is strokin them faders into sonic automation. Cheers to all who came down.

Turned out nice, next one Bootstrap vill be playin. Feb 27th.

Wakey wakey

I'm only just wakin up to this year. Its definately an odd one. I can't quite get a handle on it. There seems to be a cart load of changes swilling through the world. But for there grandness, importantfulness, bizarreness, it just feels very distant.

There's was this program about dreams the other night with a weird fact. You're not as asleep at night as you thought you were, you just immobilized.

The theory goes that during the REM period of sleep when you're eyes flicker. You're not fully dreaming like we thought, the brain is up and running as much as it is during the day.

The only difference being that during the day is its getting external stimulus from your senses. During the night, you're body is switched off for repairs, but the conscious/sub-conscious is flickering on as usual.

Asleep or awake, the brain is 100% cooking, processing, digesting and gurgitating.

And that's kind of how I feel about this year so far, kind a noisey, but not as distracting as it should be.
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