Saturday, 29 March 2008

Pics from night last, oh Bar

So yeah, last night was a rockin. Twas a different bag to last week. Last time playing to a hundred faces we kinda know to a hundred strangers we know not kinda flips ya balance slightly. Camden is always a little weird, but tonight most of the bands were out of town like us. So, them, us, and whoever got down there was up for it too. Jiggy, jiggy, party, party. Especially them Coventry guys 'Just Morale', who were a nice bunch. So there was the dancin and a jiggin we like to see n play for. And apparently some bloke from Sony dancin too, probably the accountant, but what the hell. I dug the night. Soph took some pics.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Touchables trailer

There be some films that I just gotta see. This one I been waiting for a long time for some glimmer that it might re-appear. This one be called The Touchables and its from 1968. Whats it about? Well, its kinda simple, a guy gets kidnapped by a group of swinging chicks and gets tied up on a rotating bed in a giant bubble in the countryside. Serious stuff.

I've been dying to see this giant bubble and what goes inside, gawd knows how long and finally a decent trailer of the film has surfaced, showing bubble, girls, guy and more bubbles.

I think these Cinedelica guys just blog for me, I don't know who else is intersted in swinging chicks with devious plans living in giant bubbles. But I is.

The cinedelica story is here

The Swan Thame

Sunday night is always booked with just a tad of trepidation due to it always clashing with Antiques Roadshow and other Sunday pursuits which dent expectations of what the gig will be.
  1. Last Sunday we played the Swan with Bloke and it was packed to within an inch of the stage. Hot n sweaty. Just the ticket. There was dancing, things smashin, falling and just a general kind a feel that we were playing on an edge of a sonic cliff.

There was this one bit where we were settling into a new bouncy number and I could feel that floor heavin and rolling with the jiggin going on. Now thats what floors be for, not for cleanin, carpeting, or admirin but rolling like waves. Now if ya don't believe me, ask the landlord, he went down to the cellar afterwads, his lights were smashed and there a little flooding. Hell yeah!

Cheers to y'all who came down. Hopefully got some pics comin.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

here are the sonics in frickin London

Dang. dang. dance the merry dang. Tomorrow night off to see the Sonics at the Forum. It shouldn't be happenin, but somehow it is, some crazy darn bugger got them back together after 40 years just fer me!

The sonics are the Lost Ark of garage bands and the reasons guys go huntin around for old garage 45s. This is pure rock n roll compressed down to bazooka sized bullets.

There's a stage in any music luvvas life when they've heard most stuff doing the rounds and judged it. At this point, the music luvva sits at the crossroads and decides where to look for their next fix. Many broaden their horizens. Then there are the others who don't broaden, they're looking for the fix they got at 14, finding the purest form of the music they love. Narrowing the search. Not to the source, but the purest uncut representation of what they luv as luvvas. And this is where the Sonics come in. If you a music luvva, love rock n roll, you can find in the sonics that live buzz fuzz rush which is familiar but sizzling. I dig it.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Obligatory listening - Kev's Sound of Confusion

Sometimes I grimace at the thought of being in Saturday night. It seems unesscessary and Ant and Dec don't help. They really don't. You just want to be elsewhere. Though tonight I was in fits listening to Kev's 'Graveyard Slot' on Radio Scilly. He plays damn fine records, starting the show with Spacemen 3, moving on to Kings of Leon, The Sonics, Bootstrap, Bo Diddley, Silver Apples, Blondie, The Who, Spirtualized and a bunch others. Great show.

Plus, the nice man, made Bootstrap his 'Obligatory record of the week'. He played Englands Dead sandwiched between the Sonics and Bo Diddley, darn cool by me and then played Cecille after the Who later on.

Kev has been doing his 'Sound of Confusion' show on Thursday nights for what I reckon must coming on for a year now and it gets better and better. Though its on Radio Scilly, the small but mighty station, with the internet, he's growing an international audience purely through playing great music.

So anyhow if ya wanna listen and yer reading this Thursday night or some saturdays, tune in and check it out here:

Kev's Sound of Confusion

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Doc Teger takes a scientific interest in Bootstrap

We don't go asking for reviews, may do one day, but when they turn up we are mightly happy. So when we turn up in a scientific blog about the bootstrapping process, well I kind a dig that. Here ya go:

And, for some extracurricular bootstrapping, take the Replacements, some Lou Reed, a dash of early Bowie, a pinch of Violent Femmes, some 60s surf sounds, a big garage with the door closed, and you have the British band Bootstrap and their song Streetlight. The video uses scenes from Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, the classic film by Russ Meyer. A configuration made in heaven!

Doc Teger on the The OpenSSO Bootstrap File Deconstructed

Here's the vid if ya haven't seen it.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Rumbold Shoots

Rumbold is an old friend of the band and a dab hand at the photographic image. He came down to Runway Studios to take a few pics out on the Runway. For y'all who don't know the studio. Its out on this wasteland of abandoned WWII runway field outside Aylesbury. Wasteland is a good word. You get these amazing sunsets and weird stuff rusting away stretched over what seems miles. Kind of Aylesbury's inland version of Dungeoness, another great wasteland. Though in a competition of wastelands, Dungeoness has a minature railway and nuclear power station, its gonna win.

Rumbolds website

Monday, 10 March 2008

Jacob's Mouse No Fish Shop Parking

If its not psych, garage or suicidal, chances are some seminal records that no one noticed when they came out and no one noticed when they hit bargain bin will ever get noticed. I can't wait to go see the Sonics in a couple of weeks, it a frickin miracle that they're playing. I wanna see more things like this happen and I'm gonna put forward that these guys should be in the queue. Jacob's Mouse. And this record, No Fish Shop Parking.

I don't know why they got forgotten, maybe its the singing drummer thing, long hair, bury st. edmunds, but this record stands up there with pixies come on, pilgrim for me, if not better. When it came out it, it hit you the same way as Pilgrim with a sideways blow of what rockin music could sound like. If you took all the shininess out yeah yeah yeahs, recorded it deep underground with menace and kubrick stare you kinda be there. Do that 15 years ago as well. I aint gonna go into each song n stuff but if yer pass it in a bargain bucket or down the exchange for £2, pick it up and turn it on. Group of Seven and Rubber room are cool too.


A couple of weeks a go we played this gig in the middle on knowhere. I thought Aylesbury was exact center on knowhere, but if you head 15 miles south to the small town of Thame and then 2-3 miles down a dead end road to a sleepy village, you found Towersey. Nice place, nice people but as knowhere goes it is pretty close. We thought we were playing in the Three Horsehoes pub but nope, head across the car park to a converrted barn which looks like a medieval chapel and you've found it.

So on top of this, it was £7 on the door and in aid of charity. So ya can see our expectations of playing to more than a doorman were pretty slim. But this crazy things happens, it sells out, the place is heaving, we setup lights and a stage, the beer is flowing, everyone a dancing n a jiggin. For 2-3 hours knowhere seems like friggin good place to be. Had a magical night.

Just wanted to say cheers to the guys promoting it, Bloke, Mungo and everyone who came down and made it cool. And dif ya got photos, send us some.

Photo from

Friday, 7 March 2008

Rupe's Gig Guide Review

There's this cool guy, his name is Rupe and he does a lot of underappreciated work for the Bucks music scene especially blues, especially high wycombe. If ya see him buy him a drink.

Well he came down to the packed out gig at the Nag's Head just before Chirstmas. It was a great night and he reviewed it a took a few pics.

An interesting, different and energetic take on 'The Blues' by this Aylesbury based band. Too punky for me. A 21st Century Blues Band with a bit of Punk and origins in Blues, but often much too repetitive, and loud. However the music was energetic, dynamic, & original.

Check out his website for all thats going on around Wycombe

The Swan, Thame 23rd March

We head back to Thame fer East Sunday. Bootstrap n Bloke and whole bunch of CDs of the new single Cecille. Its at the Swan later on after the Easter bunnies have gone to bed .

The knack...and how to get it

So I watched this film last night. I have no seen it nun before. The knack...and how to get it by Richard Lester. I am no reviewer but darn this film was weird, crazy beautiful. There be so many reasons why it shouldn't work. Its got Michael Crawford and a shitty dvd cover.

But it be good, it be very good. It be mighty funny. Tight as a tiger. Fits in with those other films like Wonderwall.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Bash biff bang

Dislocate yer bones n set em free at the pleasure unit

Subsiren II

Here be the cracking new poster for the next Subsiren gig at the 31 Below is up. Kerry did it and its wicked. Hopefully gonna get these events happening a bit more regularly schoonish. These are strange bunch of hynoptic bipedal bands.

Last Subsiren event was cracking n fizzing with a full house, this one aint gonna be no different.

This be bootstrap at the last event.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

cloudyhead emerges

originally uploaded by viva dang.
Know this. When ya stare down the stark barrel of a loaded gun and see a grinnin gnome emergin? You in big badda bubble trubble

March in all its hariness

A couple o gigs this munth fer Bootstrap. Kinda busy and then smack bang in the middle I get to see the Sonics at the Forum. Plus we involved in the Subsiren aylesbury thang of getting bands in and about playing round Aylesbury. So if ya fancy one here be they are at so yeah yah?

Thursday 21st March - Subsiren at 31Below, Aylesbury. £5

We aint playing this one but have brought in some crazy bands for ya to see. Alexandria Quartet, The Electric Kool-Aid Company and the Swamis.

Easter Sunday - The Swan, Thame. Free!

Bootstrap dig and Bloke dang. Sunday night its gonna bang bong biff, runnin until midnight.

Friday 28th March - Monopoly 8 at the Oh Bar. Camden

The Tube Club guys have put on a evening of bands, we're somewhere jiggin in the middle at 10 pm. The other bands be Just Morale, Broken Waves, GST Cardinals, Cutout Blonde. All sorts of craziness going on from all over de place.

At some point inbetween we'll get the single out and present it to ya poisonally.

Smirkin smokin Mirror

Tim just kinda sitting smokin waiting fer Bootstrap to play in Thame. He alert like a poody cat.

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