Thursday, 4 December 2008

Ngas Head Blues Loft Pics

I'm trying to put together a vid of the other night at the Blues Loft in High Wycombe. Though its takin a little too darn long. So for the moment, just a few stills.

Bubble club pics

A few pics taken by Tina at the Rhythm Factory night we played the other week.
The Bubble Club is one special night and I don't know if the organizers kind of realise how cool it is. If you don't know it, it is run by and for people with learning difficulties which kind of makes it unique & cool already. Instead of organizing a third rate disco in the local parish hall with tiny sandwiches, they do a high octane club night which is better than most on offer. Its busier than a bus stop, everyones happy, everyones dancing and if yer think you're the kind of cat that would dig it, get down there.


So I gotta chance to go and see the Monkey Journey to the West extravaganza down the o2. Its one bizarre cute furry kitten of an opera and well worth checkin out. Like most Albern stuff, its not exactly an emotional rollercoaster, more a pleasant picnic of an adventure and mr hewlett is there to make it all cool as cucumber sandwiches. I wouldn't have had it anyother way.

Yeah its weird, wonderful, loopy but the best thing for me was hearing a Glass Harmonica (hydrocrystalophone). One of the most weirdly wonderful tonal tools I've heard in a long while. Its a bunch of glass rings that are spun around while the player strokes them. Like so:

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