Thursday, 15 May 2008

Radio Scilly 107.9FM Tonight - Tune In

In case ya missed us on 6 music (I just like the sound of that).

I'm in the the Scilly Isles at the moment and we're on Radio Scilly tonight 8pm. On Kev's Sound of Confusion show.

Its going to be funky, will rattle through a few live numbers and play some weird and wonderful tunes we like.

If ya near the Scilly Isles its 107.9FM or you can listen online at

Radio Scilly linky

If ya miss it, we're gonna another show on Saturday night of other thangs n thongs.

chou doozer

Monday, 12 May 2008

Bootstrap on BBC 6 Music

I donnow why but everythang we do at the moment seems to twist into a curiosity. Next case in point is this.

Tom Robinson played Englands Dead on 6 Music last night. Cool. They asked me to write what the band was about. Easy enough. Though I should of paused for reflection. But I was kind a drunk and told em precisely what tis we do with exclamation marks n all. And Tom read it out straight, well a little bendy but it cracks me up.

Its on their 6 music podcasts if ya can find it. If not its on our myspace page for a bit.

Friday, 9 May 2008

We've gone german reggae!!!

Some of ya may know we're putting out an album. Well' its kind of a low key affair, no ticker tape parade or nothing. Just a kind of 'lets do an album thang'. We made a bunch cash from shows last year and thought why the hell not.

And they finally arrived this morning. Well yay and nay. Opening the boxes, I was itching to see the artwork and how it came out in the wash.

Turns out we got 1000 CDs of high quality german reggae!

Yahoooooooo. The bands called Sane Ground. I reckon they'll be wakin up to the postman soon, opening their box going "bootzstrarp? vot iz zis noizy dirty wok n voll??? ve ordered reggae. ve iz nut happy reggae boyz. babylon n all that." Check out their myspace its kinda actually good.

ven, I mean when. when they get here I'll let you know.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Lomo? Whats this party I aint been invited too?

Lomography? Lomo? Huh. What that be? Me need to know more...

You can find a proper history somewhere proper but this is what I can make out. Some evil genius in china in the sixties decided to make the worst camera ever. Its blurry, colours are wrong, wrong, wrong. It saturates, it falls apart and its got a girly name. Diana.

He unleased his weapon of dissappointment upon the western imperialists. Hoping to win the cold war with bad photography.

It was simple evil genius.

But it had a tragic floor, lovers of kitch embraced Diana, called blurrly images 'dreamy', noticed the colour wasn't bad but contrasted. It is art, it is sacred, it is lomography.

I kinda dig it. Eventhough its got a girlie name.

What I don't dig is the evil photoshop lovers that believe that you can emulate these crazy beautiful images on the PC. They are tragically mislead and will die as unsatisfied western imperialists.

Whats also kinda interesting is digital cameras that are giving crazy beautiful images. They aint lomo, they are loco. I kinda dig some camera phones, but if you want some craziness I recommend video cameras with 3 CCD chips, they got a good thing which is something else. The video lens distorts the picture and CCD chips mess with the colours. Here be an example we got out in Iceland.

I gotta get me hands on one these girlie Diana camera thangs. Supposed to be kinda cheap.
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