Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Nags Head Pics from Rupe Soup

Rupe from Rupe's Gig Guide came down to the last show at the Nags Head in Wycombe and took some more pics of the night. It was a great evenin with dancin and a hollerin and packed again. Landlord was saying that the last Bootstrap and Bloke gig was the busiest they've seen the place since its re-opened. So yeah, we'll probably be heading back soon. Bloke did a great set again, how do they come up with so many songs, I can't keep up?
The Nags blues loft has got the go ahead to be returned to its former glory (I heard Muddy Waters played it? Dang). They've also got their web site up n running, which is worth checking.
I like this photo above with the ghost of Jackie lurking. Anyway I'll hand the commentary over to Rupe.
I'm closer to understanding this energetic band, playing all originals, and captivating the audience. They got me jumping too! GREAT GIG.
There's more photos here, a sample below.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Bootstrap Posters

I'm kind a big fan of good artwork in music. The better bands of the last few years like Pavement, White Stripes, Blues Explosion, Flaming Lips, Royal Trux all have great artwork. Unfortunately its hard to name many UK Bands that bother, used to love the Senseless Things covers by Jamie Hewlett but the list kinda ends there and I don't know why.

Anyway, someone else can work that out, we've made a little gallery of the stuff we've done and been done for us for posters and its up on the website right about here. Wanted to do it like a rolf harris gallery bit with the music going from picture to picture and a commentary going "and now for a picture from Rachel age 6 of an elephant, I like the ways shes done the trunk...." But hell, I aint got time for that.

The best poster artist around at the moment (except Kerry of course) is Jay Ryan and all the stuff he does in the US. He's got a book out called '100 Posters, 134 Squirrels' which is very cool. His site is over here, part of the Bird Machine lot. He does this kinda thang:

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Nags Head, April 18th

We wallow back on down to de Nags Head next Friday with them Bloke. High Wycombe. Nags Head is gettin darn good now as a venue, you can feel it cracklin in the cracks and fizzlin in the drinks. A kind a buzz and a ting of a prowlin tiger waitin to pounce.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Donkey Skin

Once upon a time there were a happy kingdom which was rich because they had a donkey that can poo gold and diamonds. The queen dies so naturally the king decides to marry his daughter. She thinks this not a great idea so contacts her fairy godmother for a bit of help. Princess needs to get hiding sharpish from randy daddy. Quite soon, the magic donkey is skinned and the princess wonders around it in her donkey suit. A prince charming finds her, doesn't notice the donkey thang and they marry. Happily ever darn after.

I make this up not.

I watched it the other night, tis a french film from those savage seventies.

You know how magic mushrooms grow in cow poo? well this film is what happened to the cow.

Should only be watched side by side with Disney's Enchanted for full effect.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Vietnam Zippos

I got this book for me birthday about about Zippos carried by the GIs in Vietnam. Darn good. Good book, worth checking.

Review - Tube Club

Bootstrap are a fine group of people and musicians. good fun and talented producing the kind of music after our own hearts. Its bluegrass, folky garagey and with songs that back up the great sound. Played finely tonight and really are the kind of band that could provide a good film soundtrack. Film directors should check em out..

Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Optimistists of Nine Elms dvd

I got an itch fer Peter Sellers films and this is one I been waiting for a long while to re-appear. Its about some kids, a dog and peter sellers entertaining them with his busking. Yup, I don't expect you lot to go queueing at the stores fo it. I will be one of about three people who buy it.

But the really special thing about this film is London. Its the London of docks, mud, soot, rust, industry, busses, kids roaming about, london town circa 1973. And most of it in the film is very real right down to the buskers and bus routes. Important stuff. Stuff thats not even in the history books to be erased, stuff that fades. All before I was born but there's no other film that stinks of London of when I was a kid like this one.

Mugabe? Footsack? Please be true

I aint a political guy, I know enough about it not to normally take sides. Sign yer soul to someone elses idea of fun. But I was born in Zimbabwe and the idea of Mugabe going is about darn time. The country needs to move on.

Don't believe nuttin until he comes out and declares his intentions. With nothing being declared, rumours are everywhere, there's a lot of what stinks of propaganda coming out of the BBC which is kinda sad, they're fighting their own war with Mugabe. BBC should know better, keep neutral. There's a shitload of negotiations going on behind the scenes and what happened in Kenya seems to be playing a part.

Then you got what happened to Al Gore and Bush election. No reason Mugabe can't do the same thing.

But dang, there's this quiet excitement, everyone crossin fingers, Zimbabwe becoming a bonafide nation again. Very cool.

footsack is word from those parts, kinda means piss off, in case yer curious.
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